27 December 2019
Hedge Encroachment onto Public Footpaths

Private hedge encroachment onto public footways.

At the recent drop-in sessions, the problem of private hedges becoming overgrown and intruding onto roadside public footways and footpaths was raised as an issue.  In some cases the growth is forcing pedestrians dangerously close to the road edge.  

Hopefully this can be sorted locally but if, after official notification, the household responsible does not cut back the offending growth to the boundary of their property, then Scottish Borders Council is entitled to carry out the work and then charge the person responsible for the hedge for the work.  

If your hedge is intruding onto a footway, then please take action before the spring bird nesting season.  

If you have any queries please contact us through the Contact Us page on this website.

Thank you in advance, the Community Council.

A PDF of this notice is available here

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